Serving at CBC

Thank you for your interest in serving at CBC

There are lots of ways to volunteer and serve at Christ Bible Church.  After all, for those who are Christians, service to the body of Christ is a primary way that we live out the Gospel message (Matthew 25:40).

If you are new to our church, we want to serve you and see you nurtured in this community before we ask anything of you.  For that reason, the gateway to all service in our church - from volunteering in Children’s Ministry to greeting to leading a small group - is membership.  We want you to commit to love this body, and we want to commit to love you.  Then together we can discover the unique gifts and opportunities God has provided for you to serve this church.  For more information about membership, talk to Pastor Patrick or one of our elders.

Below are areas of our church where you can get involved. Please fill out the service form and we will be in touch to help you find a place to plug in. 

Please join us.

Questions? Get in touch. 

Phone: 818.474.8220
Email: Info@Christ-Bible.Church